Whitening choices

  • Tooth Whitening at Sparklysmile

    Sound, healthy but stained teeth (often victims of tea, coffee, red wine, smoking or general ageing) can be dramatically but convincingly whitened and transformed by the Sparklysmile treatment, which we’ve been offering patients successfully in Blackheath for more than 15 years.

    Today, Sparklysmile use the Wy10 and Zoom whitening systems combined with accurately fitting trays (gum shields) to make your whitening as fast, efficient and comfortable as possible.

  • We commonly carry out 2 types of whitening:

    The first type is where you wear specially made and designed trays for about an hour a day for 3 to 4 weeks or you can wear the trays overnight if that is easier for you. We make our own trays, making sure they fit perfectly for whitening and this also means we can get you started very quickly – often on the same or next day.

  • If you have time constraints, then we can also whiten your teeth faster with an in office procedure combined with the tray whitening. If you do this, you only need a 2 to 3 weeks tray wear (depending on the start colour of teeth of course).

    The degree of whitening is different for every person – and every person does lighten to a greater or lesser degree. With our experience we can see how you are doing and make changes to the way you whiten that will get the best out of the option you choose.

  • Aftercare – well it depends on your lifestyle as teeth are porous and they will stain again over time. Lots of tea and coffee etc and you will want to top up the effect every 3 to 6 months. Otherwise it is an “as and when” you feel the need.

    If you are thinking of having other dental improvements to your teeth such as a crown or reshaping (bonding), then it is best to whiten your teeth before you do these so that we can match them to the new shade.

  • Whitening can also be a good place to start if you are wanting to improve your smile progressively.

    Sparklysmile have been whitening teeth for more than 15 years – please call if you have any questions as we want you to get the most out of your whitening.

    Making your teeth look good makes you feel good about yourself. And that’s all part of being healthy.

    Call 020 8852 0442 or email info@sparklysmile.co.uk