Enlightening on whitening

  • Need enlightening on whitening?

    Talk to Sparklysmile’s treatment co-ordinators. They know, by experience, all there is to know about tooth whitening. Everyday, they see, first hand, how it can transform the way you look and feel about yourself – for some, it’s life-changing. They will explain how Sparklysmile’s whitening expertise, successfully perfected over 15 years, employs the safest, leading-edge techniques available to help patients achieve a smile that’s worthy of the silver screen.

    Phil Eisenberg, Sparklysmile’s dentist for the last 30 years in Blackheath, believes the whitening process they use can really turn the clock back.  “Our process”, says Phil, “can make your teeth whiter than the day they came through, when you were just 6 years old”.
    It’s a fact, stained teeth can be convincingly and dramatically whitened, almost magically, by the simple use of whitening products that gently restore your teeth to their original colour, despite the ravages of tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and time.

    Today, Sparklysmile use the Wy10 and Zoom whitening systems combined with accurately fitting trays (similar to gum shields) to make the whitening process as fast, efficient and comfortable as possible.

    These custom-made trays or guards, ready for you to wear within an hour, hold the whitening gel in close contact with your teeth, gently dissolving the smile-compromising stains. Depending on your preference and the gel we choose, the process requires you to wear the trays for 3-4 weeks, between an hour a day or overnight. Things can go even faster if you choose to come in to Sparklysmile for your whitening sessions.

    If you’re able to do this, you only need a 2 -3 week’s tray wear, depending, of course, on the start-colour of your teeth, but it does vary, because the degree of whitening is different for every person. However, your Sparklysmile dentist will monitor your whitening progress and make changes to the way you whiten as you go, to ensure optimum results.

    Remember, if you are thinking of having other dental improvements to your teeth, such as a crown or reshaping (bonding), then it’s best to whiten your teeth before other dental work.

    For enlightening on whitening call us for a free consultation and photo session.

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