Let’s put a rocket under referrals

When you refer your dental patients to Sparklysmile for treatment, our time is always on their side. That’s because we don’t dawdle.

With half a century’s experience behind us, we appreciate how vital it is to solve patients’ complex dental problems with the very minimum of delay. Which means we don’t believe in waiting lists and aim to see your referred patient within a week.

Following quality, specialist care we want to get your patients back to you, pain free, as quickly as possible, so that you can continue with their regular dental care, as normal. Or, if you prefer, we can complete the restorations. Just let us know what works best for you and your patient.

Meanwhile, we offer them the highest quality care and attention, the latest hi-tech solutions, a comfortable, relaxed environment and a friendly professional team to look after their every need, including Jane our practice manager and Joanne and Tracey, our treatment coordinators. They are our ‘queen-pins’ who sort appointments and makes life easy for everyone, including anxious patients who might prefer sedation.

Sparklysmile Lewisham Dental
The SparklySmile Team

Our expertise includes: orthodontics, endodontics , implants and extractions.
At Sparklysmile, we don’t stand on ceremony. We’re happy to look at x-rays emailed to us with a covering note and, whether we see your patient or not, we’re pleased to offer advice by telephone or email.

To get the ball rolling, so that your patients can start treatment straight away, we can offer them financial packages to spread the cost of treatment over time.

Call or email us, to find out more. Without delay!

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