Orthodontics – Let’s get it straight

  • We call it orthodontics. If you’re at all self-conscious about your crooked teeth and less than perfect smile, you’ll call it a godsend. But, that’s only part of the story. The kind of modern orthodontics practised by Sparklysmile of Blackheath Village goes way beyond cosmetic considerations.

    It’s about making the best of your teeth and improving the harmony of your mouth and jaw. Good orthodontics ensures your teeth bite together as best as they possibly can, allowing you to eat with greater comfort and permitting you to care for your teeth and gums more easily and effectively.

    You can ‘face the brace’ at any age – it’s not just the reserve of children and teenagers. Whatever your stage of life, orthodontics can solve a wide variety of dental problems, from protruding upper front teeth to a reverse or deep bite; from crowding or gaps to asymmetric alignment.

    Let’s start young, with Sparklysmile’s in-house orthodontist Becky Walker. She likes to look at possible problems early, which is why she’s especially good with children. Becky recommends that young ones are initially assessed by the age of 8, firmly believing that early intervention in a developing mouth can minimise, even avoid, the later need for braces. Via dental training in Newcastle and Edinburgh and then orthodontic training over an extra 3 years in Bristol, Becky is on the specialist list of the General Dental Council.

    Similarly, Sparklysmile veteran, Phil Eisenberg, has just completed an 18 month orthodontic course to add to his many years of dental experience. He focuses on adult orthodontics, tackling more tricky cosmetic cases. “I deal mainly with front teeth” says Phil “making them look pleasing to the eye, by lining them up, whitening them and then refining and restoring the shape that life has worn away. It’s known as Progressive Smile Design – the difference has to be seen to be believed!”

    As for the ‘train-track’ braces, they can be history if you wish. Latest design advances mean that many brace systems are almost invisible. What’s more, they can give you the smile that you want in a fraction of the time.
    Smile with confidence, talk to us today.

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