Facing the brace

  • Just picture yourself, without those crooked teeth…

    you can, you know, simply by visiting our Sparklysmile photographic studio, saying ‘cheese’ and letting us take a few snaps, here in Blackheath Village. Or, if you prefer, send us a smiley photo by email. Either way, you’ll get to see for yourself how we can transform any twisty-toothed grin into a beguiling smile.

    How? By state-of-the-art Orthodontics. It’s all about making the best of your teeth and improving the harmony of your mouth and jaw.

    Successful Orthodontics optimises your bite, effectively ensuring your teeth come together as best as they possibly can. This allows you to eat with greater comfort and enables you to look after your teeth and  gums more successfully.

    Orthodontics can improve your appearance and self-confidence whilst solving a wide variety of dental problems – from protruding upper front teeth to a reverse or deep bite; from crowding or gaps to asymmetric alignment.

    So, if you’ve ever been self-conscious of your crooked teeth and less-than-perfect smile, there has never been a better time to talk to Sparklysmile and explore what our Orthodontic expertise can do for you.

    Will you have to wear a brace?  Probably, but don’t worry – ‘facing the brace’ isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be. The technology has come on in leaps and bound since the days of ‘train-track’ braces. Today, we can accomplish the most pleasing result, almost without a trace of

    Today, In Blackheath, we can accomplish the most pleasing result, almost without a trace of brace, and often in less time.

    Sparklysmile can fit you with clear or tooth-coloured braces and wires to help camouflage what’s going on. Equally discreet are almost see- through, removable aligners.

    Inman Aligners are fast-acting braces which work quickly and convincingly, straightening front teeth in just 9-20 weeks. They’re removable too. If you prefer something completely invisible,then lingual braces attached to the insides of the teeth are now possible for some.

    Problem front teeth? Anterior Alignment Orthodontics could be the answer. This is achieved without making significant changes to your bite, allowing us to improve less crowded mouths in six to nine months.  Your friends and family might never notice you’ve even worn braces at all!  But, first things first – Phone us for a studio photocall, or email us a photo of your smile today.

    Call 020 8852 0442 or email info@sparklysmile.co.uk