• Simple tooth straightening (Orthodontics) can help you achieve the award-winning smile that you’ve always wanted. For minor corrections, talk to Phil about fast-acting programmes (anterior alignment orthodontics – aao) that can that can align your teeth in just a few months such as Inman Aligners, 6 Month Smiles, Clarity, Invisalign and Clearline. Do look at our before and after galleries and Cosmetic Braces to see what improvements can be made in a short space of time.

    Where possible, we like to look at simple alignment of the teeth first then whiten them and then look again to see if the way you feel about your smile has changed. If this gives you the result you want then we can modify our plans sometimes with a little artistic bonding to the tips of the teeth to make your smile really stand out.This is what we call Progressive Smile Design and allows you to be in control of your smile. Phil has also completed advanced training in orthodontics with the IAS academy mentored by Professor Ross Hobson. Phil can help move all the teeth if need be and can also advise you on any more complex braces systems that you may need.

    Becky Walker, our orthodontist, specialises in more complicated problems and children’s orthodontics, for which early intervention is advised. Becky is also experienced in the use of Lingual Braces that are placed on the inside of the teeth so that they are completely invisible.

    Where possible, we try not to remove teeth – sometimes a little careful tooth movement and tooth whitening is all that is needed to turn a pleasant grin in to a truly sparkling smile.