• Missing teeth? Can’t face a denture? Perhaps you dislike wearing your existing denture? Then dental implants can be the answer.

    Now recognised as a long lasting solution giving you excellent biting power, implants feel stronger than natural teeth and are attached permanently and solidly to your jaw bone. This means you will be able to eat whatever you fancy. Nilesh Parmar uses his expertise to place implants and he visits us in Blackheath Village each week. Nilesh also has a practice in Essex, where he has a highly advanced 3D (Cone Beam) scanning machine. Before implants are placed he is able to assess exactly what condition your jaw is in, so as to provide you with the optimal solution and care. When implants are not an option we have the skills to manage your problems with bridges or dentures.
    You can find out more about Nilesh and the transformations he has managed on our team page and visit his website too.