Jaw problems


    Strangely enough, Sparklysmile Dental Practice in Blackheath can be the right place to come to cure a myriad of seemingly unrelated aches and pains – like joint problems, headaches, tooth wear and clenching of teeth.
    Perhaps you suffer from chronic tension headaches, migraine, stiff neck, jaw aches, jaw clicks, clenching, worn teeth or regularly breaking teeth. If so, we can help many of these problems with a drug free, custom-made bite guard, known as a B-Splint, worn at night or when you are feeling stressed. There are also other ways we can help – one is an invisible appliance worn in the ear that is able to relax the muscles of the jaw .This is called Cerezen. And sometimes some carefully placed botulinum toxin can reduce the strength of an over developed jaw muscle easing away the problem.