• So, what happens if we find that you need a filling?

    With a name like Sparklysmile, you might think that our family-run dentist practice here in Blackheath Village is all about cosmetic dentistry. Not true. Our first priority is providing our patients with 21st Century dental excellence, to give them the confidence and comfort of having healthy teeth and gums, that are as well cared for as they can possibly be.

    So. if you do need some form of filling then we have all the expertise to provide a long lasting and comfortable solution to any problem we may find.

    What else would you expect from a dental practice that’s successfully been at the heart of the community for half a century? Established in 1968 by Jo Eisenberg, over the decades we’ve seen generations of patients come through our doors. Jo’s progressive methods, sympathetic approach and positive programme of preventive care have won him the respect and friendship of both patients and fellow professionals alike. Phil, Jo’s son, has carried this on for 30 years and has brought in like minded colleagues to complete the team.

    If you need a small filling then tooth coloured materials that bond to your teeth are often our first port of call and these can give you the confidence to eat and smile again.
    If a tooth is more damaged then inlays, onlays, veneers or crowns may be needed to restore your tooth to its former glory.

    Don’t worry – whatever you bring to us, we will be able to give you choices in how best to restore your teeth.