• We are proud of our 5 day a week dental hygienist service in Blackheath and our hygienists are here to help you keep your teeth for life. We have had extra training that we brought to the practice from the USA to make sure we are doing the best we can for you and our preventive care solutions tackle problems before they get a chance to happen. Expert care from our very experienced hygienists will remove stains, control dental decay and keep your breath fresh and gums healthy.

    The hygienists encourage you to look after your teeth the best you can and they are able to manage most gum problems that you bring to us. If your teeth are very sensitive then we know we can make it more comfortable for you by taking the time and also by getting your gums numb.

    Some people are more susceptible to gum problems than others and if that is you, then your hygienist will be your best friend. And if the gums need even more help then Lydia is our dentist who has a special interest in more complicated gum treatments.