• Porcelain veneers are paper-thin, custom-made coverings applied to the front and side surfaces of teeth, much like false fingernails. They can strengthen the teeth and correct stains, breaks and odd shapes with little or no tooth material altered and have a beautifully convincing result. Veneers may be made for one tooth or for several teeth if a more dramatic change is wanted.

    Where possible, we like to look at simple alignment of the teeth first, then whiten them and then look again to see if the way you feel about your smile has changed. If this gives you the result you want then we can simplify our plans – sometimes with a little artistic bonding to the tips of the teeth to make your smile really stand out. And if not, then veneers may be the answer.

    This is what we call Progressive Smile Design and together with our sophisticated imaging systems it allows you to be in control of your smile. Sparklysmile dental have been creating beautiful smiles in Blackheath since 1968.