Botulinum Toxin

  • Botulinum toxin temporarily freezes the action of muscles softening the look of your face and making you look younger.
    Treatments are quick and painless and we can help smooth frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. The applications are completely safe, take 2 – 3 days to start working with the full effect in about 2 weeks and last for about 3 months before gradually fading.

    We can also slim down a muscular jaw, reducing the look of large massetter muscles and even stabilise your upper lip from lifting high and showing lots of gum.

    Excessive Sweating

    We also can provide a simple solution to an uncomfortable problem – excess underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis). Our effective skin treatment blocks the action of sweat glands under your arms and ensures you’re dry and comfortable even when the heat is on. The effect can last 9 months and is truly a relief to a problem many people do not like to discuss. Sparklysmile dental practice, Blackheath Village.