Behind every Sparklysmile

  • There’s the Blackheath Village Dental Practice, a family-run practice that’s right at the heart of the local communities of Lewisham and Greenwich, in every sense. It was established in 1968 by Jo Eisenberg, whose progressive methods, sympathetic approach and positive programme of preventative care won him the respect and friendship of generations of patients. In 1988, his son Phil qualified from Guys’ and joined the practice.

    Jo retired a few years ago, but Phil has continued his father’s good work, as well as developing the cosmetic side of the practice, overseeing the introduction of a team of hygienists, endodontist, orthodontist and implant dentist.

    In recent years, thanks to advances in techniques and technology, there’s been a real change in cosmetic dentistry. Today, new materials and constantly evolving procedures have transformed the way Phil Eisenberg approaches cases, like the advent of fast-acting orthodontics, which has effectively reduced treatment times from years to months. With our years of experience we are able to help you choose how to get the best out of you smile with as little intervention as possible.

    Let’s talk

    On your first visit to see us in Blackheath Village, you’ll mostly be opening your mouth to talk as part of our initial comprehensive consultation. We’ll discuss your teeth, your concerns and your expectations.

    Only then will we ask you to open wide, so that the dentist (and you, if you wish) can see what’s happening with the aid of our intra oral cameras, which produce a 40 times magnified picture on a wide TV screen. We’ll then take some digital, low radiation x-rays, using the latest equipment, that allow a detailed examination of any problems you may have.


    If you’re at all nervous about visiting the dentist, rest assured our sympathetic approach and modern dental methods will prove as comfortable an experience as can possibly be.

    We can generally talk you through most dental procedures but can also arrange treatment under sedation for those more tricky procedures if that is what you want.

  • A true Sparklysmile

    Is so much more than cosmetic. It emanates from the confidence and comfort of having healthy teeth and gums that are as well-cared for as they can possibly be. It’s knowing that you’re receiving the most modern dental and orthodontic treatment by a sympathetic, established local dentist, whose friendly team will employ leading-edge strategies to help you keep your teeth for life. It’s understanding that you’ll receive only the treatment you need, with minimum discomfort. And, once you’ve got healthy, happy teeth, we have the latest cosmetic technology and talent to bring on that true Sparklysmile.

  • The makeover will not take over

    Now that we ‘move’ teeth and drill less to retain more of the natural tooth and achieve longer lasting results we can achieve remarkable results with as little dentistry as possible. We like to evaluate the changes we make as we go along as often we find that you are happy with the changes in appearance sooner than you think and we can alter our plans accordingly. This is what we call progressive smile design.

    The bottom line in Blackheath Village is that ‘the makeover will not take over’. Every brighter smile we create will be a product of good, thoughtful, modern dentistry, whether it’s for a routine check-up, emergency treatment, tooth-whitening or a complete makeover.