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  • Our preventive care solutions tackle problems before they get a chance to happen. With our 5-day-a-week hygienist service, we can help you keep your teeth for life. Our hygienists will remove stains, control dental decay and keep your breath fresh and gums healthy.

    Preventative Practice of the Year

    We believe good dentistry is as much about our team looking after people as the techniques and technology. So, it’s no surprise to discover that our staff and practice have picked up numerous prestigious awards over the years, including the British Dental Association Good Practice award (7 years in a row), Preventative Practice of the Year, Young Dentist for London and Young Dentist for the East of England, to name but a few.

    Here, in Blackheath Village, we know that looking after your teeth makes you look good and feel better about yourself – and that’s all part of being healthy. Which is every good reason for a Sparklysmile.