Quick links and a jargon buster to our services

With our years of experience, we can help you look after your teeth and make your choice of how to get the best out of your smile. Below are a few ways we may be able to help you.

We could write pages on each topic – the best way to find out whether they are suitable for you is to call us on 020 8852 0442, or come in and meet us.

This will get you started:

Bite Guards – to protect teeth at night and ease headaches
Bonding – artistically applied tooth coloured filling material to change the colour or shape of a tooth
Botulinum Toxin - used to smooth frown lines and soften facial features
Bridges – Replace missing teeth with replacements attached to adjacent teeth
Clarity – a cosmetic brace system
Clear aligners - a fast acting near invisible brace for milder crowding
Cosmetic Braces - near invisible brace systems
Crowns and Onlays - strong repairs for damaged teeth
Dentures – removable replacements for missing teeth
Excessive Sweating - hyperhydrosis. Can be reduced with botulinum toxin
Facial Rejuvenation - how to turn back the clock and  look younger
Full Reconstruction - rebuilding a failing bite
Headaches and Jaw Problems
Hygienist - care for your gums and the soft tissues of the mouth
Implants - replace missing teeth
Inman Aligner - a fast acting near invisible brace for the front teeth
Interest free finance
Invisalign - a fast acting near invisible brace for milder crowding
Lingual Orthodontics - braces fitted behind the teeth
Lip Fillers - fill out wrinkles to soften facial features
Orthodontics - the art of moving teeth
Porcelain Veneers / Laminates - thin, custom-made coverings
Root Canal - the management of the nerves of teeth
6 Month Smiles -  a cosmetic brace system
Splints – mouthguards to help your bite and protect the teeth
Tooth coloured fillings – bonding to change the colour or shape of teeth

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