That winning smile

Begins with a photographic session with our team in our studio. Only then can we assess by which cosmetic dentistry means we can transform and rejuvenate your smile. With our years of experience we are able to help you choose how to get the best out of you smile with as little intervention as possible.


The Sparklysmile team has been extensively trained, both here and in the USA, in the art and science of Smile Makeovers. It could be with simple whitening techniques, bonding, veneers, crowns or more complex implants and invisible orthodontics (tooth coloured braces such as clarity, clear aligners or Inman Aligners).

The harmony of your smile can also be improved dramatically with laser treatment to contour your gums and then bonding or veneers to change the shape and colour of your teeth. Phil Eisenberg has trained other dentists in Smile Design at the Aesthetic Advantage Continuum in New York and in London.

Please contact Phil for more information.