• Implants. Look afresh with Nilesh

    Dental Implants are nothing new. They go back 4000 years to ancient China. Even Egyptian mummies were recipients of transplanted teeth, some human, some made of ivory. But things have improved somewhat since then, with the help from Sparklysmile’s Implant dentist, Nilesh Parmar. He’s making his own implant history right here in Blackheath Village by putting a confident smile back on the faces of many Sparklysmile patients with missing teeth.
    By bringing 21st Century dental technology to our practice – along with his own fresh thinking.
    As one of only a handful of UK dentists to have a degree from all three London Dental Schools, award-winning Nilesh was voted ‘Young Dentist of the Year’ in 2014. Parmar Dental, his private practice, was voted ‘Best Hi-tech Practice’ at the 2015 Private Dentistry Awards. Today he splits his time between his surgery in Southend-On-Sea and Sparklysmile, where he’s practiced for the last decade

    “Once I completed my Masters”, says Nilesh, “I decided that Implant dentistry was the area which most interested me”.

    Why implants?
    Nilesh will tell you that unlike dentures, Implants are a durable, long-term solution that stays put in your mouth 24/7, for years to come. No fixatives, no denture cream, no ins-and-outs, no slipping and sliding and no place in a glass by your bedside. Implants feel stronger and give you more assured biting power than dentures, because they’re attached solidly and permanently to your jaw bone, just like your own teeth – many say as good, if not better, than the real thing.

    Today, Nilesh and the team are especially interested in the latest advances, like faster integrating implants. They’re also exploring treatment for smaller implants for areas previously unable to receive them. as well as using 3D scanning machines to plan treatment more strategically. Then there’s PRGF Technology – an advanced system based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.

    If it all sounds a bit scary, don’t worry, Nilesh knows the score.

    “A lot of my patients are nervous about dentistry and I totally understand,” admits Nilesh. “ I, myself, am not a good patient.”

    However, through perseverance, communication and care, he wins patients’ confidence, fixes their teeth and allays their fears of visiting the dentist.
    See for yourself. Contact us today and book an appointment.

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