Holistic care is all about you

At Sparklysmile we take the time to find out about your teeth and using our years of expertise help you choose what’s best for your mouth. We also take the time to find out about you.

Healthy teeth and a healthy mouth are not just  important for  the obvious – eating and looking good – but they also contribute to a healthy body and mind.

We need to know what you want so that we can truly help you and also about you as the links between your general health and problems with your mouth are increasingly becoming more apparent.
Gum disease, diabetes and cardiac problems are just a few of life’s problems that definitely have an impact on your dental care and some medical treatments involve taking tablets that have a significant impact on your dental health such as a giving you a dry mouth or delays in wound healing.

It is important that you let us know of any medical changes so that we can tailor your dental care accordingly and by helping you make your mouth healthy we can also help you take care of your general health.

We are also aware that problems with the way your teeth meet (bite problems) can cause stress in other parts of your body (sometimes resulting in migraines and headaches) and also daily stresses can lead to broken teeth. For bite problems we can help in a drug free way using specially constructed bite guards that you wear at night to ease the symptoms and protect your teeth.

Making your teeth look good

Makes you feel good

And that’s all part of being healthy